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Mission Statement

Censorship constitutes control over what is and is not acceptable to talk about, and therefore what is and is not acceptable to think about – in reality a form of mind manipulation designed not so much to protect as to dumb down and dehumanize.

Some believe there is a time and place for censorship, even if only as a “necessary evil” to be exercised reluctantly under this or that premeditated life-boat scenario (e.g., to prevent someone yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, thereby putting others at undue risk of being trampled).

Even under such a seemingly altruistic notion, the penchant by some less well-meaning individuals and organizations to abuse such a power is, at the least, no less inherent a danger than that of the potential for others to abuse their freedom. Indeed, any serious study of the historic record ought to vindicate that the risks of the former far outweigh those of the latter.

At the most fundamental level, free speech and free thought entail the freedom to doubt. Without the freedom to entertain and examine competing or contradictory information there would be no basis for critical thinking or the development of the rational human faculty of discernment.

In turn, the freedom to doubt also entails the freedom to err. It is said after all that to err is human.

On the other hand, restricting and regimenting away the capacity for free inquiry through censorship for sake of guarding against such error reduces human beings to the level of automatons – that is, mindless robots – which is far more concerning and does not make for a safer world as censorship proponents may claim. To the contrary, the most horrific atrocities ever committed have been carried out by those who blindly and unquestioningly were, “just following orders”. was created primarily to serve as a place where the freedom to inquire as well as to express doubt about the emperors new clothes is valued over and above the pressure to conform to prescribed points of view, the tyranny of the majority, bureaucratic micromanagers, and moral busybodies.

It is not however the goal of this site to be all things to all people. The aggregate of news sources you will find here have been curated with particular attention given toward the avoidance of overtly political and ideological bias, whether of the Left or of the Right. The site also aims to steer clear of “policy wonks” who we view as more or less engaged in rearranging the proverbial deck chairs on the Titanic.

The goal of the site is to support those who not only challenge the status quo of the left-right paradigm, but moreover those with clarity and courage enough to challenge even the faux ‘challenge the status quo’ that just ain’t so. It is to unapologetically stand on the side of FREEDOM, as a natural outcome of the law of reciprocity, also known as The Golden Rule: Do not do unto others as you would not have done unto you, also expressed as, love thy neighbor as thy self.

“Freedom is a condition that exists within your own mind. To live without contradiction, to live without confusion, to live without conflict is to be free. Liberty is a social condition in which free people live together.”

Butler Shaffer
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